MyFreeview | HD. Magic TV High Definition DTR
Magic TV™ High Definition Digital Television Recorder with Dual tuners and a 500GB Hard Disk Drive
MyFreeview | HD
  • New Zealand's favourite TV and radio programmes in digital quality for free
  • Available to 75% of New Zealand homes
  • 8-day Freeview onscreen listings guide
  • Teletext service
  • Captioning service for the hearing impaired
Freeview Channel selection

Effortlessly pause, record, browse, edit and play

Magic TV™ MTV3600TD brings high-end Magic TV™ recording features and ease-of-use to the fantastic New Zealand Freeview | HD® broadcasts. The dual tuners can record two channels simultaneously ensuring that you never miss your favourite programmes while the huge 500GB storage capacity means that you can watch them whenever you want!

The intuitive Magic TV™ interface gives you total control over all the digital High Definition and Standard Definition TV services. You can pause Live TV, quickly browse and organise your recordings, set Repeat Recording to catch entire series, view live news feeds, watch your camcorder movies and more. Simply connect your aerial to Magic TV™ and then connect Magic TV™ to your HDTV to revolutionise your TV viewing!

Recording-related features

Dual HD tuners

MTV3600TD includes a second amplified HD digital tuner to simultaneously record any 2 channels in the same lossless high quality. A huge 500GB HDD comes as standard, capable of recording up to 250 hours of programming!

Pause Live TV

Phone ringing? Someone at the door? Don't want to miss a thing? Simply pause Live TV and catch up at your leisure.

Series Recording

Choose 'Record Whole Series' from the Freeview EPG to reliably record every episode - even if the time changes!

Edit recordings

Add bookmarks to recordings and skip between them, or trim out whole sections of unwanted footage to save time and disk space (see FAQ for more information).

Organise your recordings

A folder system allows you to organise and find recordings quickly. Simply find a programme and send it to the desired folder. The recording will still be displayed in the 'All Programmes' list so that you easily keep track.

Continuous playback

Select multiple recordings for continuous playback, or playback all recordings in a folder

General Magic TV™ Features

Camcorder movie playback and storage

Browse and play your AVCHD Camcorder movies and use Magic TV™ remote control to manage playback. You can also copy movies to the internal HDD to store and play (see FAQ for more information).

Free to view

Once you have installed Magic TV™ in your home, there are no activation fees and no subscription fees to pay. Simply enjoy and record the additional Freeview | HD® channels right away.


Magic TV™ can upscale all of your programming to match your display - right up to 1080p, so even Standard Definition programmes have never looked clearer. For TVs fixed at 60Hz, Magic TV™ can even smoothly convert 50Hz to 60Hz for judder-free video.


Step-by-step guided setup, clear menus, 8-day electronic programme guide (EPG) and 'at-a-glance' front panel display, all combine to provide easy operation for the whole family.

High quality

Pixel Magic have a reputation for superior audio and video quality and every component has been chosen especially for its ability to communicate every detail available from the digital High Definition broadcasts.

Flexible to navigate

Magic TV™ includes many unique features allowing you to get to what you want fast:
  • One Touch Channel Select - use memories to assign channels to a single number key.
  • 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x and 64x fast forward and rewind.
  • Helpful shortcut keys exist throughout the system so speed navigation.

Live RSS news and weather updates

Receive Live news and weather RSS feeds from the internet direct to the Magic TV™ interface. Just connect Magic TV™ to your home network or broadband router.

Adaptable Aspect Ratio

Supports 16:10 for PC monitors as well as the more usual 4:3 and 16:9 modes for normal and widescreen TVs.
The aspect ratio of the subtitles can also be set individually for each channel, ensuring optimum readability.


Supporting MHEG-5 Interactive TV services and capable of decoding MPEG 2, MPEG 4 AVC/H.264; Magic TV™ is ready for years of service at the heart of your entertainment system. Firmware updates can be easily installed Over-The-Air or via USB.

Well equipped

MTV3600TD features a comprehensive set of outputs so that you can make the very best connections to your TV. HDMI can take 1080p digital video and multi-channel audio over just one cable to minimise wiring and deliver maximum High Definition quality.


The Magic TV™ remote control features 4 learning buttons which allow you to turn on your TV, change the input to Magic TV™ and adjust the volume of your sound system - all with one remote. The easy-to-use button layout and automatic backlight provide intuitive control, even with the lights off!

Environmentally sensitive

Lead-free electronics throughout and an innovative and intelligent power-saving mode help reduce the environmental impact.

Technical specification

Video decoding formats:

MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264

Audio decoding formats:

Dolby Digital, AAC, PCM and MPEG audio. Includes downmixing for Stereo systems

Interactive TV service support:

MHEG-5 Middleware

Supported output TV formats:

SD: 480i (NTSC), 576i (PAL)
HD: 480p 60Hz, 576p 50Hz, 720p 50/60Hz, 1080i 50/60Hz, 1080p 50/60Hz
Smooth frame rate conversion: 50Hz -> 60Hz supported

Key software features:

Guided step-by-step setup
8-day Freeview | HD® EPG
One-touch recording from the EPG
Pause Live TV
Repeat Scheduled Recording to record entire series
Edit and add bookmarks to recordings
Storage folders to organise recordings
Categories and filters to help find recordings fast
Aspect Ratio Correction modes: Full, Wide Zoom (non-linear stretch), Pillar box/Letterbox, Zoom 1, Zoom 2
Support for 16:10 screens
On-screen hints and tips
Camcorder AVCHD file storing, browsing and playback
Live news and weather RSS feeds over the internet
Continuous playback of multiple recordings

Key hardware components:

Dual tuners (internal second amplified tuner requires no additional wiring)
Processor: Sigma Designs SMP8635
Internal Hard Disk Drive (500GB)
Video DAC: 12-bit 150MHz
Audio DAC: 24-bit 192KHz
Front panel VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) with 11-character alphanumeric display and many status icons

Rear connections:

Antenna input x1 and antenna loop-through x1

Video output:
Standard definition: Composite Video x1, S-Video x1
High definition: HDMI with embedded audio x1, Component Video x1

Audio output:

Digital: SPDIF Optical x1, SPDIF Electrical (Coaxial) x1
Analogue: Stereo Audio x1 (Stereo pair)

Other connections:

USB 2.0 x2 for firmware upgrade and connecting external storage and camcorders
Ethernet 100-Base-T x1 for return path of Interactive TV services and RSS feeds

Firmware upgrade:

Via external USB thumbdisk or OAD (Over-the-Air Download).
Rescue mechanism is supported to ensure safe firmware upgrade

Remote control:

Backlit infrared smart remote with 4 learning buttons
(TV power, TV input, Vol+, Vol-). Colour: Black

Physical and electrical specification:

Dimensions: 325mm (W) x 230mm (D) x 62mm (H)
Weight: 3Kg
Power supply: +12V DC. 100-240 VAC auto-ranging power adapter included.
Power consumption: 20W (max). Intelligent power saving mode is included.

Image gallery

MTV3600TD front panel
MTV3600TD rear panel
MTV3600TD remote control
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